Google 2-Step Verification

The use of two-factor authentication to prove one’s identity is based on the premise that an unauthorized actor is unlikely to be able to supply both factors required for access.

Cisco Umbrella (OpenDNS)

Wake Forest University uses Cisco Umbrella, a secure DNS redirection tool that protects a user from accessing known malicious content.


Gartner is a leading information technology firm that provides research and analysis services to inform and support decision making in higher education and other industry sectors.


Available to Faculty and Staff – CrashPlan is an automated online backup solution for data stored on your primary WFU-issued computer. Your data is automatically backed up on a periodic basis and can be recovered easily in the event of computer failure.


The WakeWare program was established for the convenience of students and their families, offering a variety of Dell and Apple laptops at specially negotiated prices.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud gives users access to a collection of software developed by Adobe for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services.

DeaconSpace –

DeaconSpace (Virtual EMS) is the University’s space request system – simply log in with your WFU credentials to view available rooms, browse events, and request spaces.

IS is pleased to offer all Wake Forest University students, faculty and staff access to the leading online creative and professional skills provider,

Office 365

Microsoft Office is a set of interrelated desktop applications, servers and services, collectively referred to as an office suite, for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Windows Computing

Students may purchase new Dell products with an education discount through WakeWare. Faculty and staff may also make personal purchases for themselves, friends, or family.