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Wake Forest provides all faculty, students, and staff access to VoiceThread, a web-based software that allows you to converse asynchronously around a document with voice or video. Commonly used for narrated PowerPoint presentations, VoiceThread is a highly flexible, collaborative environment for video, voice, images, and common documents. VoiceThread presentations include narration using text, audio, or webcam, and the ability to allow others to view and comment.

You can use VoiceThread to:

  • narrate a slide presentation and invite questions
  • present a series of images and receive comments
  • record voice and pen annotations
  • have students turn in projects or presentations for peer assessment

Get Started

VoiceThread is a cloud application, so there is no software to install. VoiceThread captures and then delivers your full presence, combining your voice and your media into a highly effective presentation. By bridging the gap between real-time discussions and standard video lectures or online presentations, VoiceThread is a flexible platform for teaching, learning, training, and collaborating, on-demand.

What is a VoiceThread?

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Doodle Directly on a Video

Using the Doodler Pen

Conversation Around Text Document

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