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Information Systems provides a number of services to support our campus community. The following is a comprehensive list of services which you can sort using the categories in the left hand column. We encourage you to utilize this page when exploring our services and to reach out to us with any questions.

  • Cable TV
    TVs can be connected to WFU Cable TV network. Watch streaming channels with Stream2, available to all WFU faculty, staff, and students.
  • Digital Signage
    Digital signage refers to displaying content (such as slideshows, videos, and advertisements) on a digital display. Content can be rotated automatically or manually updated.
  • External AV & Event Support
    IS recommends hiring out portable AV needs to one of our approved outside vendors. On-campus options are available in certain spaces.
  • Multimedia Technology
    IS currently maintains over 400 multimedia technology-enabled spaces. Rooms contain various levels of multimedia integration, from simple television monitors, to elaborate high definition projection systems with multiple inputs.
  • Stream2
    Through Stream2, faculty, staff and students can create an account with Apogee to access streaming TV services for their computer and personal mobile devices. The streaming TV service is only available while connected to the campus network.
  • Video Conferencing
    IS offers video conferencing solutions free of charge to faculty, staff, and students. Connect with lecturers, experts, the business community, and more.
  • Webex
    Cisco Webex is a platform for hosting and attending online meetings and presentations, webinars, training, and online presentations. Available to all Faculty, Staff, and Students.
  • Zoom
    Zoom for desktop and mobile is a platform for video conferencing, recording meetings, chatting, screen sharing, and more.