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2023 Call for Proposals

The Office of the Provost and Information Systems are excited to announce the 2023 T-CART Grant Program (Technology-engaged Creative Activity, Research, and Teaching). This joint grant program provides funding for faculty projects to explore new and existing technologies with the potential to enhance teaching, scholarly, and creative work.

T-CART includes two types of grants, both of which provide funding for faculty projects to explore creative ways of enhancing teaching and scholarly work. The Summer Technology Exploration Program (STEP) provides a grant which allows faculty to purchase and experiment with new technology. The WakerSpace Faculty Fellow grant is awarded to faculty to explore and utilize technology in the WakerSpace. 

Examples of ideas explored with prior grants include:  a First Year Seminar which incorporates making as its focus,  a course on the mathematics behind technology in the Wakerspace, the creation of an, easy-to-use, audio recording station to encourage podcast assignments in the classroom, the application of AI, or generative composition, in creative work centered around film, dance and theatre, WFU DEAC Cluster use for data mining, incorporation of Google Sketchup, and lecture capture and live streaming systems, creation of a digital space for sharing and archiving the stories of Italian immigrants, and use of a DSLR camera assisting college to career students in developing and creating digital portfolios.

The above ideas are supported as part of proposals, however, development of other creative ways of using technology to enhance teaching and scholarly work is also strongly encouraged. Some examples to consider include, but are not limited to:

WakerSpace Faculty Fellow Grant (Hands-On Experiential Learning)

– Laser Printer
– 3D Printing
-CNC Router
-Fiber Arts

Summer Technology Exploration Program (STEP) Grant (Technology and Tech Tools)

– Virtual/Augmented Reality
– DSLR Cameras/Video Equipment/Audio Equipment
– Digital Storytelling: Podcasting/Video Creation/Animation/Website Development

To read the stories of our T-CART Grant 2022 recipients, please visit our website.

Who do I contact?

Brianna Healey, Associate Director of Academic Technology

Academic Technology/Information Systems