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Technology Grants

A pillar of the WakeWare program is ensuring all students have access to robust primary computers capable of handling all academic software, regardless of major.


Technology Grants are awarded to incoming undergraduate students who receive need-based, merit, or athletic scholarship funds from Wake Forest during their first two years of enrollment. Students are notified of their eligibility to redeem a Technology Grant from the WakeWare Program Manager in late May, or whenever they become eligible thereafter. You are able to redeem your grant at any time within your first two years at Wake Forest.


The Technology Grant covers the one-time full cost of a Standard WakeWare laptop, which includes four years of warranty and accidental damage protection and Winston Salem sales tax. The Standard WakeWare laptop is set each Spring. Students also have the option to apply the Technology Grant to other WakeWare laptops and cover the remaining cost themselves.


You can redeem your laptop in-store or online. Students will receive online purchasing instructions to their WFU email when they are eligible. If upgrading, grant recipients can use any major debit or credit card to cover the remaining balance.


Students without institutional aid, but who are receiving outside scholarships and demonstrated need may also request a WakeWare Technology Grant. A committee from WFU Student Financial Aid will review the request. Contact the WakeWare Program Manager at wakeware@wfu.edu to begin this review process.

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