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  • Congratulations to the 2023 STEP Grant Recipients
    The STEP Grant Program (Summer Technology Exploration Program) is a joint grant program offered by Office of the Provost and Information Systems. STEP provides funding for faculty projects to explore new and existing technologies with the potential to enhance teaching, scholarly, and creative work. The 2023 recipients are: Meredith Farmer of the English department, purchased production equipment such as IPhones, lav mics, tripods with smart phone adapters, and a hard drive to assist students in her ENG 175, “Slave Narratives, Global and Local course who made two documentary films. The first documentary film is about Peter Oliver, a potter who was enslaved in […]
  • Your Next Creepy Halloween Watch!
    Author: Maisy Armstrong, Technology Consultant When you hear the name Christine McConnell, think Betty Crocker meets Halloween. I stumbled upon The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell when it was first released on Netflix in 2018. Ever since that fateful October evening, I’ve re-watched the show each fall.  The show is six episodes long, chalk-full of tricks and treats. Viewers are entertained by a twisted baking show inspired by Halloween classics like The Addams Family, Dark Shadows, and The Munsters. In each episode, Christine creates intricate spooky treats from the haunted mansion cake featured above to chocolate and peanut butter bones.  Unlike many traditional cooking shows, The Curious […]
  • The Under Water Emergence: Scientist Use Virtual Reality To Create Empathy for the Ocean
    Author: Alantis Green, Technology Consultant We have grown fond of what we think is the importance of the ocean. Based on the movies we have seen or when we go surfing or swimming to relax on the beach. But if you are not living on the coast, you can never get a complete grasp of how important the ocean is. Many people see the oceans as an out-of-sight and out-of-mind problem. However, oceans are a vital aspect of our environment. Scientists are using virtual reality to build awareness and empathy for oceans. Oceanic Resources Despite the ocean being far away […]
  • Can Quantum Fusion be controlled?
    Author: Alantis Green, Student Technology Consultant In honor of the spooky season, let’s talk about aliens. Particularly the television show on Showtime, The Man Who Fell to Earth. A television show about an alien who comes to earth and learns to be human. He is searching for the tenth design, which is the key to saving his planet. The tenth design is also the blueprint for achieving and controlling quantum fusion. But that begs the questions: 1 . Can quantum fusion be controlled?2. What can that look like in the future?3. Would companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, or Meta try to […]
  • “IT” is More Than a Horror Movie
    Author: Maisy Armstrong, Student Technology Consultant I remember it all very clearly. I was freshly into my junior year of high school, sitting in a dark theater with my brother, Ryan. We both feigned calmness, but I could feel my mouth go dry as we sat down. “IT” (2017) was the first horror movie that I’d ever watched in theaters. I loved every single second. Walking out of the theater, I felt like I had watched more than a horror movie, but rather an outstanding coming-of-age film.   “IT” follows a troupe of kids bonded over the frightening occurrences taking place […]
  • How Well Do You Know ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’?
    Author: Maisy Armstrong, Student Technology Consultant Welcome to October! This is my favorite time of year, full of cable-knits, coffee, candy and changing leaves. There are so many things that I love about fall, but nothing beats Halloween movies. I love to grab some friends and watch films brimming with monsters and magic. A movie that I always come back to is “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, a Halloween classic that has attracted a cult-like following since its release in October, 1993. Contrary to popular belief, the film was not directed by Tim Burton but rather by Kevin Selick. Produced by […]
  • The Cultural Artifact & The Digital Story
    In Professor Hines’ course, she asks students to produce a 3-5 minute digital story that is based on their interpretation of an artifact that captures some component of identity and personal history as it relates to themes of the course such as race, ethnicity, religion, freedom, independence, migration, and more. For inspiration, see: A Digital Story is defined as a moment or event that is responsible for shaping and changing your life in some way. It is told through the “I” narrative and contains elements of emotion. One such digital story by the student, Alexandra Hamilton, stands out as […]