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Academic Technology

We believe technology plays a vital role in Academic Excellence. Whether evaluating the tools and platforms currently in place, staying abreast of new technological tools, re-envisioning classroom software, hardware, and design, or partnering with faculty in the implementation of multi-modal storytelling and storytelling tools, we aim to inform and prepare our students and faculty for a world that is thinking Digitally and Multi-Modally.

Our Mission

Partnering with faculty on course learning goals, we lead with discussion of the desired outcomes, then suggest the appropriate technology. By combining the expertise of pedagogical planning and technological tools, we can inform, enhance, and transform the teaching and learning experience.

Identifying current resources that aid in teaching and learning, meanwhile staying abreast of emerging technology trends. We aim to position ourselves at the fringe of innovation, able to adapt to the changing needs of campus and the increasing demand for educational technology.

Systematically evaluating the centralized tools and platforms currently in place to ensure the highest level of effectiveness, satisfaction and usability, Campus Wide.

Working with partners campus-wide, fostering collaboration and connection in technology planning for University projects and initiatives.

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