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Create a project site using Google Classroom!  Here you can create a course outside of Banner registration, a non-credit course, or a course that includes students that don’t have a Wake Forest Gmail account. 

Accessed using your Wake Forest account, Google Classroom provides faculty with the ability to manage coursework, organize assignments, promote collaboration, and enhance communication with their students.

Some highlights when using Google Classroom:

  • Add students directly, or share a code or link so the whole class can join
  • Set up a class in minutes and create classwork that appears on students’ calendars
  • Connect with your students from anywhere with a hybrid approach for in-class and virtual classes
  • Enable face-to-face connections with students using Google Meet built into Classroom
  • Ensure each user has a unique sign-in to keep individual accounts secure
  • Restrict Classroom activity to members of the class
  • Conduct assessments
  • Integrate with a number of educator-approved apps 

Learn how to get started with Google Classroom!

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Training Resources

Google Classroom