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Welcome to the software download hub for Wake Forest University. Software may be installed on University-issued computers, WakeWare laptops, and other student-owned laptops (BYOD) for use in education and non-commercial research. You are responsible for removing institutionally-owned software from your personal computer once you are no longer enrolled/employed at Wake Forest.

Sign in with your WFU Account, and utilize a high-speed internet connection for best results.

For: Students | Faculty| Staff
Platform: Mac | Windows | Web-Based | Other

Student Printing

In addition to Windows and Mac, DeacPrint works with Linux, ChromeOS, tablets, and smartphones. PaperCut accepts the following file types: Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, images, CSV, RTF, TXT. Files must be smaller than 100 MB.

WakeSites WordPress Plugin

Download a useful selection of plugins and themes to help you secure and design your own website from scratch.