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What is the Technology Consultant Program?

The Technology Consultant Program provides an opportunity to enhance digital literacy and media literacy skills as well as leadership capabilities. The program develops Technology Consultants by enhancing their ability to think critically about media messages, imagery, and audio aided by the incorporation of digital tools. Technology Consultants are an essential component to the University as digital storytelling becomes more ingrained in the curriculum.

What is a Technology Consultant?

Technology Consultants are students who are passionate about technology. They think critically about media messages and the way we communicate in a digital world. They are first tier support for students who may need assistance with a digital project such as a digital essay, podcast, story map project, or website design. They specialize in video production and editing techniques. They know how to tell stories with digital tools and technology. In Addition, they support students who use Google Drive, Canvas, Adobe Creative Cloud, WakeSites, Kaltura, and maintain and manage scheduling of the One Button Studio.

Employers now more than ever are searching for candidates who exhibit a knowledge of digital literacy skills and understanding of multimodal approaches to storytelling using various forms of storytelling tools. This knowledge is powerful and gives the Technology Consultant the advantage. Most of us are not aware of how media messages influence us through camera angles, lighting, tone of music but once we reveal what is behind the curtain, we are empowered. Only then can we produce our own media messages that aim to inform, educate, persuade, and entertain in robust and informed ways.

Benefits of the Program

The Technology Consultant Program develops the skill sets of each participant. Participants receive training in multiple software programs utilizing our Adobe Creative Cloud. They gain a vast understanding of production skills such as cameras, lighting, lav mics, and interviewing techniques.

Technology Consultants acquire valuable leadership and management skills by being embedded in classrooms and being the main point of contact for students on multimodal storytelling projects involving various technologies. They are responsible for workshop training, student consultations, offering feedback and next steps with follow-up appointments. This experience teaches our Technology Consultants how to develop a constructive dialogue with their peers, accountability, professionalism, leadership, and management.

Technology Consultants develop an e-portfolio. They film, edit, and collect their works on this site with text about the process, equipment used, skills learned. The e-portfolio is valuable as the Technology Consultants move beyond the institution into graduate school or into their career. They leave the program with a rich portfolio that showcases and communicates the work they have produced throughout their time at Wake Forest.

Meet our Technology Consultant

Alantis Green

Technology Consultant

My name is Alantis Green and I am a freshman from Houston, Texas. I am majoring in Computer Science. My interest in technology is fueled by the passion I have to use technology to help the world. I am also an aspiring filmmaker which is why multi-media storytelling is also a passion of mine.  I like the practicality of seeing things, from mind to reality, come alive. This is what drives me to do every project. I am excited to continue practicing my skills, helping others, and improving my own skills. When I’m not focusing on my passion for technology or film, I enjoy watching movies, spending time with my family and exploring the outdoors. 

Monday through Friday 5:00-7:00pm in the ZSR Mac Lab. No appointment necessary. Walk-ins welcome.

Who do I contact?

Brianna Healey, Associate Director of Academic Technology

Academic Technology/Information Systems