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Reports to: IT Advisory Board (ITAB)


The IT Partners’ Council (ITPC) is the University’s primary advisory committee for the application of technology to improve and support campus services, operations, management and data-driven decision-making. ITPC serves as the senior governance committee for university administrative technologies (e.g., Workday, Banner, and Business Intelligence) used to support operational excellence. In this role, ITPC will make appropriate recommendations to the ITEC regarding changes in policy, annual project priorities, changes in service, and other issues that will have institution-wide impact.

The Provost and EVP will appoint members of ITPC in consultation with the CIO. Membership should include representatives from major administrative operations, academic support, and student support divisions, and IS. ITPC will be chaired by a senior administrative leader appointed by the EVP and in consultation with the Provost.

The specific charge of the ITPC is:

ITPC will meet bimonthly, outside of the summer months, with the option to call special meetings on an as-needed basis. Minutes will be recorded to reflect discussions, decisions and action items. The ITPC members will determine their approach to decision-making (e.g., consensus, majority vote, etc.).

Committee Information

Please contact the chair – noted in the Membership List – with any questions or potential agenda items.