About Us

Photo of Hannah Inzko

Hannah Inzko

Director of Academic Technology

Hannah Inzko is Wake Forest’s first Director of Academic Technology, a division of Information Systems. As part of the continued mission to bring an academic perspective to the IS Strategic plan, her position aims to enrich teaching, learning and research through innovative uses of new pedagogical practices and emerging technology. In addition to serving on the Information Systems leadership team, Hannah will work across the campus community with the Teaching and Learning Collaborative, ZSR Library staff, and the Instructional Technology Group (ITG) to enrich educational technologies and the support services that enhance teaching, learning and research.

Brianna Derr

Manager of Advanced Learning Projects

Brianna Derr is the Manager of Advanced Learning Projects under Academic Technology, a division of Information Systems. Her position aims to enhance teaching and learning in the curriculum through the use of digital technologies. Brianna aims to stay at the forefront of teaching, learning, and technology in order to provide transformative learning experiences for students at Wake Forest University.

Meet our Technology Consultants

Vera Zhang

Technology Consultant

My name is Vera Zhang, and I’m a junior double majoring in computer science and mathematics. I’m very passionate about technology and currently doing research in deep learning and optimization. I’m also the president of Women in Computer Science club and a member of the high performance computing team at Wake Forest. Outside school, I love traveling, vlogging, watching YouTube, swimming, baking, and trying out good restaurants! My go-to fun fact is – if you search “wake forest university” on YouTube, the first video popping up will be mine (a 3-minute campus tour video filmed on my iPhone 6).

Henry Lynn Headshot

Henry Lynn

Technology Consultant

My interest in film began with simple projects throughout middle and high school. I was captivated by the variety of information that could be communicated through film, and the copious ways to go about that communication. I began to explore the nuances of film and strove to implement them into projects across the entire spectrum of my classes.

While I plan to major in Biophysics here at Wake Forest, film remains a strong influence in my education and free time. For that reason I plan to minor in Film Studies. We live in a time where multimedia is one of the most prevalent ways people convey and consume information; for that reason multimodal storytelling and the technology it requires have applications in every facet of life.

Outside of film I enjoy dirt biking, reading, and soccer.

Christian Trevathan

Technology Consultant

My name is Christian Trevathan and I am currently a Junior majoring in Mathematical Economics. Throughout my time at Wake, so far, I’ve come across a number of peers who have conveyed a really large interest and dedication in media art and film studies. Their interests really resonated with me to a point where I ended up taking a film studies course of my own. In short, the course was amazing and really allowed me to pursue creative outlets in film that I wasn’t aware of prior. Since then, I’ve been extremely eager to pursue other outlets and spaces for Studio Art and Film. I think it’s an extremely underrated form of art and self-expression, that really amazes people when they observe the process in making any work. Prime example…myself.  As this semester has progressed I’ve really tried to immerse myself in this art form, mostly independently. Being a Math Econ major, I haven’t really had the opportunity to explore these canvases. However, through the position, I’ve planned to develop a skill set in media art and try to convince other people to check it out. With that, in the end, I’m just happy to be here.