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I Already Have a Wakeware Laptop

Getting started with your WakeWare Laptop

You do not need to buy your own software, such as Microsoft Office. All students may download all their academic software from software@WFU. However, you may still install your own software on a WakeWare computer.

All students have access to printers located in the ZSR Library for a small fee. While you are welcome to have your own printer, we recommend to wait and see if you need it. We do not allow wireless printers on our campus network, so have a USB cable for wired connection to your laptop if you do bring a personal printer.

Never leave your laptop unattended! We strongly encourage you to write your serial number and keep it in a safe place, as well as add your laptop to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Because you own your laptop, the university is not responsible for replacing stolen laptops.

Need to repair your WakeWare laptop?

Please stop by the Service Desk, located in the atrium of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, to work with one of our technicians. If we need to take your laptop to repair it, we will issue you a loaner computer so you are not without a computer to conduct your work.

Have questions?
Have questions about your WakeWare computer, insurance coverage, or technology grant? Call (336) 758-4081 or email our team at wakeware@wfu.edu.

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