Software @ WFU – download software

Software is available to faculty, staff, and students on the following type of computers:

  • Wake Forest University issued computers
  • WakeWare laptops
  • Student BYOD laptops


software @ WFU is your one-stop shop for downloading all of your academic software. Just like textbooks, software requirements for every class will be available after class registration. While all students have access to academic software from software@WFU, WakeWare laptops have been thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility with all academic software.

Due to software licensing restrictions, multiple copies of some software may be limited. Therefore, we highly encourage you to download software to the computer that you will be using while attending Wake Forest University.

A high speed internet connection is recommended for the best software download experience. All software required for class should be downloaded prior to the start of class and not from the classroom.

Faculty and Staff

Some software may require additional approvals, privileges, or budget codes.  You will need to log in using your WFU issued username and password to access the software installation links.

Personal Use

Software for personal use can be purchased at On The Hub. Examples include Microsoft and Apple operating systems, virtualization software, Corel products, and more.

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Last modified: August 5, 2019