Wake Forest University

FedEx Phishes

Be on the lookout for holiday phishing scams. A current scam includes recently-created, funky-looking domains that look very similar to that of FedEx, for example, “o001cfedeex [.] com” instead of fedex.com, impersonating failed deliveries. See the examples below. 

If you receive one, ask yourself:

  • Am I expecting a package?
  • Is it normal to pay an additional fee?
  • Does FedEx need by social security number?

It is a best practice to check the actual source website for your order information, especially when a message is suspicious, rather than clicking embedded links or downloading/opening attachments. Do not respond and do not give your personal information.

Forward suspicious emails to infosec@wfu.edu, and the InfoSec team will investigate the email and can help you decide if it is indeed a scam.

Review Security Essentials to learn more about keeping yourself safe.