Wake Forest University

Choose Your Own Adventure: Computer Exchange 2022

Every year, Information Systems manages the upgrades of approximately 350 faculty and staff laptops. This keeps our community on target for a four-year refresh cycle. We review processes and feedback annually to improve the “exchangee” experience. Improvements to this year’s exchange efforts include new flexibility around device selection, exchange season, location, experience and training. We also provide options for Lenovo, Apple and our newly added Microsoft Surface devices. 

The 2022 Computer Exchange season began on July 18, with our summer exchange sessions. Located now in the WakerSpace, our updated process provided a fun atmosphere, easy parking and a strong wireless network for our exchangees. Over 200 faculty and staff chose from our “choose your own adventure” experience: some opted for a lot of our help and training, others wanted just the basics. To fit busy schedules, we offered scheduled group and one-on-one training, as well as recorded training materials. 

The Instructional Technology Group (ITG) and IT specialists from Information Systems were on hand to assist during exchange. The ITG team was instrumental in the project’s success, offering efficient and informed support to faculty and staff. Considering the time needs of our community, our exchange program will continue into the fall and winter with additional session opportunities.

The enhanced 2022 process had a higher conversion rate than previous exchanges with an average of 50 exchanges per day over the course of 10 days. Qualitative feedback showed this new exchange process greatly improved community experience. Some people noted: 

  • I found it useful to have received the email with helpful hints. Turning on Chrome sync, taking screenshots, double-checking Code 42, all of these steps made for a smooth transition.
  • The individual attention made the exchange extremely easy. Thank you!
  • This was easy-peasy lemon squeezy
  • My experience was great, very seamless. Thank you!
  • It was very organized and there were plenty of people there to help. It was the smoothest new computer pick-up I have had on campus.

Learn more about our Computer Exchange process on our website.