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Zoom Service Information

Zoom for desktop and mobile is a platform for video conferencing, recording meetings, chatting, screen sharing, and more. Zoom’s robust Breakout Rooms allow you to split your meeting up into 50 different sessions, ideal for team and project-based classes and meetings.

Zoom has several engagement features, including setting your own virtualized background image, breakout rooms, polling, and nonverbal feedback. Take advantage of a seamless Chrome extension integration to make easy-to-schedule meetings straight from your Google calendar with a click of a button.

Using Zoom at Wake

Infographic explaining how to use Zoom
Click on the image to view the help article with step-by-step instructions and tips on using Zoom at Wake.

Recording Best Practices

When recording your Zoom meeting you have the option to record to your local computer or the Zoom Cloud, which has limited storage available. For long term storage, we recommend adding your cloud or local recording to a cloud storage solution, such as Google Drive, which has unlimited storage.

Keep in mind that auto-generated post-recording audio transcription is turned on by default when recording to the Zoom Cloud. Cloud recordings can only be shared with authenticated WFU users. Only the host of the meeting can download Zoom Cloud recordings.

Security Best Practices

  • Never share your meeting link on social media or other public forums, as doing so will publicize your meeting to potential abusers.
  • Don’t use your Personal Meeting Room/ID to host public events. Your Personal Meeting Room/ID is basically one continuous meeting that outsiders can abuse.
  • Enable a Waiting Room. This is a helpful feature for hosts to control who comes and goes.
  • Only allow vetted participants to join your meeting.
  • Disable privacy chat, screen sharing, and annotation.
  • Prevent participants from renaming yourself.

For further information on security and privacy best practices for video conferencing, visit this AskDeac Help Article.

Faculty, for some tips and tricks on how to keep your Zoom classrooms secure, check out the Zoom help article How to Keep the Party Crashers from Crashing Your Zoom Event.