Telecom Basics

General Dialing Information

  • Campus Calls: Dial the last four digits of the number from any campus phone to reach another campus extension.
  • Local Calls off Campus: Dial the area code + 7-digit number
  • Long Distance Domestic Calls: Dial area code + 7-digit number
  • Long Distance International Calls: Dial 9 + 011+ Country Code + City Code + number

Telephone services available for Faculty/Staff

  • Telephone moves, adds and changes
  • Voicemail PIN or Account reset
  • Add Unified Messaging
  • Teleconference speaker phone rental
  • Telephone billing reports

To request one of these telephone services, use AskDeac.

If you are experiencing trouble with your cellular service while on campus, please contact your cellular service provider.

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Last modified: August 5, 2019