Apogee replaced Spectrum as the campus cable TV provider. Through Apogee, faculty, staff and students can create an account with Apogee to access streaming TV services for their computer and personal mobile devices. The streaming TV service is only available while connected to the campus network.

Support for Stream2 and the campus cable TV network is provided by Apogee.


  • Allows you to access the streaming service on your computer and devices while on the campus network
  • Provides access to 80 TV channels including premium, local and sports channels in a browser on your computer or through an App on your phone or tablet
  • Supports DVR recording capabilities

Create an account

  • Create an account at Your account setup is complete when you see the My Account screen. Proceed to the installation and setup instructions for your computer or mobile device.

Set up your computer for browser viewing

Download the App for mobile viewing

  • Follow the installation and setup instructions on your iOS or Android devices
  • Use the App to access the streaming TV service

Get Help from Apogee

A support representative with Apogee is available 24 hours a day to assist you via chat, text, phone, or email.

  • Find contact information and FAQs here

Call: 833-493-4890

Text: “MyStream2” to 84700



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Last modified: August 27, 2018