IT Partners’ Council (ITPC)

Reports to: IT Executive Committee (ITEC)


The IT Partners’ Council (ITPC) is the University’s primary advisory committee for the application of technology to improve and support campus services, operations, management and data-driven decision-making.   ITPC serves as the senior governance committee for university administrative technologies (e.g., Workday, Banner, and Business Intelligence) used to support operational excellence.  In this role, ITPC will make appropriate recommendations to the ITEC regarding changes in policy, annual project priorities, changes in service, and other issues that will have institution-wide impact.

The Provost and EVP will appoint members of ITPC in consultation with the CIO.   Membership should include representatives from major administrative operations, academic support, and student support divisions, and IS. ITPC will be chaired by a senior administrative leader appointed by the EVP and in consultation with the Provost.

The specific charge of the ITPC is:

  • Recommend priorities to ITEC for capital investment and identify opportunities for collaboration across administrative areas and distributed units;
  • Lead efforts to formulate policies and processes for effective data stewardship.
  • Coordinate the management of enterprise administrative applications.
  • Receive recommendations from initiative teams and approve prioritization of major administrative and student system related IS development projects.
  • Resolve cross-module and cross organizational issues that impact the use of enterprise applications including data definitions.
  • Provide sponsorship for initiatives to encourage the adoption of new and existing technologies, to improve efficiency and effectiveness of business processes through the use of technology, and to measure process improvements.
  • Recommend policy changes that impact the use of administrative technologies.
  • Identify emerging needs or potential applications of new technology that are shared across the University.

Decision Rights

While primarily advisory, the Committee will have responsibility to:

  • Approve the use of any resources delegated to it by the ITEC and the Provost and EVP;
  • Approve project proposal prior to their review by ITEC, the Provost and EVP;
  • Resolve issues related to the management, definition and stewardship of administrative data; and
  • Approve the formation and composition of initiative teams and communities of interest.

ITPC decisions will be complemented and supported by the formation of Initiative Teams and informal Communities of Interest. For example, an Initiative Team has already been be formed to lead the Workday implementation.  Others may be formed to coordinate student systems improvement projects or to address information security policy and processes.  At a minimum, ITPC Communities of Interest should be formed to address: 1) Digital Communications, 2) Reporting and Analytics, and 3) Technology Support Services. ITPC responsibilities also include recommending the formation or discontinuance of an Initiative Team or Community to ITEC, providing input to its charter and membership and receiving periodic briefings and recommendations as Initiative Teams conduct their work.

ITPC will meet monthly with the option to call special meetings on an as-needed basis. Minutes will be recorded to reflect discussions, decisions and action items.  The ITPC members will determine their approach to decision-making (e.g., consensus, majority vote, etc.).