Wake Forest University


Grackle Service Information

Grackle is a licensed Google add-on accessibility checker available to campus community members that have a .wfu.edu email address. Grackle can guide you in making accessibility improvements to your Google Doc, Slide, or Sheet. With Grackle, exported materials (e.g., a Google Doc that is made into a PDF) will have more built-in accessibility features than what is possible in Google Workspace alone.

How does it work?

Note: Grackle works for native Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Need to check accessibility in Microsoft Office files, such as docx, pptx and xlsx? Learn more about the Microsoft accessibility checkers.

After Grackle is launched, it scans the Google Doc, Slide, or Sheet for accessibility issues and identifies and locates errors. Use Grackle’s convenient side-menu with built-in “Click and Fix” checking and remediation at the point of creation. Feedback appears in a sidebar on the right-side of the screen. By exploring the sidebar, you can immediately learn about accessibility issues and find and fix the detected errors by interacting with the Grackle sidebar. The intuitive, guided interface teaches you about accessibility as you correct the accessibility issues.

Ready to get started?

Click on Install Grackle and follow the instructions on Software@WFU to add these accessibility checker add-ons to your Google applications.