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The T-CART Grant Program (Technology-engaged Creative Activity, Research, and Teaching) is a joint grant program offered by Office of the Provost and Information Systems. T-CART provides funding for faculty projects to explore new and existing technologies with the potential to enhance teaching, scholarly, and creative work. The 2022 recipients are:

John Beck of the Music department, purchased a Faros 180 electrocardiograph recorder and analysis software to measure the effects of interactive group drumming on drum circle participants. The logical next step for this research is to evaluate biological markers to help understand why drumming is successful as a non-pharmacological therapy. He wanted to gather data to document what is happening inside the body to produce the results he recorded. To do this, he needed to provide additional evidence to support another large research study that uses invasive procedures such as blood draws or saliva tests. He had identified the Faros Sensor; which is a wearable, portable, externally applied electrocardiograph (ECG) recorder and wireless transmitter for ECG measurement, that can measure heart function during drumming to gather data from volunteers in the Afro-Cuban drumming class, campus drum circles, and at the medical center without the need to go through another lengthy institutional review board process.

David Wren of the Chemistry department, purchased an iPad to meet students where they at. Over the course of his 9 years teaching lab, students have moved to paperless note taking and minimal printing of instructional material. This posses issues in crowded labs when students have their lab tops open next to solid and liquid chemicals that can and do get spilled on keyboards. A major reason students have laptops out is to read and follow the experimental procedure. I have used my iPad to model student behavior, including using it for keeping an ELN, creating experimental flowcharts as well as class management while conducting labs. By showing students how to use their hardware and software to create ELNs and flowcharts, I have been a much more effective instructor adapting to a changing student base that favors digital platforms over paper and pencil mediums.

If you are interested in applying for the 2023 T-CART Grant, please visit our website at The T-CART Grant Program.