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Manual Wireless Settings (EAP method)

When first registering a Chromebook or Linux computer on campus, you will need to connect to WFUwireless. The following settings will get you connected correctly.
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Create a WFUmydevices wireless account for visitors

In most cases, WFUguest should be adequate for campus visitors. WFUguest is comparable to what is commonly available at hotels, airports, and coffee shops. However, Wake Forest students, faculty and…
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Connect securely to the campus network (students)

To connect to the Wake Forest wireless campus network while on campus, view the available networks and select ‘WFUwireless’. You will be prompted to enter your Wake Forest DeacNetID (username)…
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Optimize Dell Wireless Connectivity

If you purchased a Dell laptop, please go through the following steps to optimize your wireless connectivity before coming to campus: Right click on This PC and select Properties Select…
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Accepting a new network security certificate

Faculty, staff and students with Wake Forest University issued devices and/or those with personal devices may see a pop-up regarding trusting the certificate when connecting to the wireless and/or wired…
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