Wake Forest University

Wakeware 2021

Announcing the new model lineup to equip our students with reliable, desirable, high-powered devices for an exceptional academic experience

Finalized lineup

WakeWare will offer M1 Apple Air and Pros and the new Lenovo X13 Gen 2 and P1 Gen 3.

Perhaps the most exciting component of this year’s program is being able to offer Technology Grant recipients the opportunity to purchase the Wakeware standard model in each platform. For years the price discrepancy was too large between Windows and Apple devices. The introduction of the Apple M1 Chip and all that chip has to offer has brought the price point down significantly. This is a huge win for our students with institutional aid, as they no longer have to contribute personal funds to get the platform of their choice.

The M1 Chip brings power, performance, speed, and decreased cost, however, it does prevent students from locally virtualizing Windows. We will be accommodating students needing to run Windows-based applications through cloud virtualization.

Though purchasing begins in early June, students looking to take advantage of potential mid-summer promotions and new hardware announcements should wait until later in the summer to purchase.

Visit the WakeWare website for more information about the program.