Wake Forest University

Verizon Hot Spot Recall Notification

Verizon has issued a recall on their Ellipsis Jetpack mobile hotspot devices. Out of an abundance of caution, they will be replacing all of the hotspots Wake Forest University purchased. 

The recall is due to reported cases of the device‚Äôs lithium ion battery overheating and posing a fire and burn hazard when charging while powered on. It is important to note that out of 2.5 million nationally deployed devices, only 15 have reported issues. You can read their Statement regarding U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall on their website to learn more. 

Verizon will be issuing two software updates to the impacted devices that will prevent the device from charging while it is powered on. Users should turn the device on to receive the updates. To reduce further risk, when not in use, the device should be turned off, unplugged from its power source, and securely stored. Make sure the device is not stored in direct sunlight and is on a surface that allows air circulation.

Impacted WFU users have been notified via email and will be notified of device replacement details when available.