Wake Forest University

Students, Beware of Recent Social Engineering Messages regarding Employment and Payroll Solicitations

envelope with a fishing hook through it indicative of a phishing scamPlease be aware of the heightened level of social engineering messages (i.e. phishing scams). Specifically, students have recently reported receiving phishing emails regarding employment opportunities, survey invitations, COVID-19 paid surveys, and attachments containing paychecks from “payroll”. Red flags include poor grammar and incorrect spacing/capitalization. Some of these emails even appear to come from a WFU faculty or staff member. 

Scammers know we are particularly vulnerable as we continue to navigate remote learning, so we need to be extra vigilant in protecting ourselves and our personal information. 

Do not become a phishing victim. 

    • Verify the email address of the sender.
    • Never provide your personal information in response to emails. 
    • Never send money for an employment opportunity, including in the form of gift cards.
    • View your Wake Forest email in the Gmail web interface or Gmail app on your mobile device to leverage warning banners across suspicious messages. 
    • Forward any suspicious emails to the Information Security team at infosec@wfu.edu.  

Learn more about phishing emails and how to protect yourself.

Get legitimate information about student employment.

    • Visit the Student Employment website
    • Contact the Student Employment Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office (Room 4 Reynolda Hall, 336.758.3892, trethal@wfu.edu)

If you have questions concerning this message or need further assistance, please contact the Information Security team at infosec@wfu.edu.