Call for Proposals – Summer Technology Exploration Program (STEP) Grants 2018

Announcements | Dec 08, 2017 at 1:34 pm

The Office of the Provost and Information Systems are excited to announce the 8th annual STEP grant call for proposals. This joint grant program has and will continue to provide funding for faculty summer projects to explore new and existing technologies with the potential to enhance teaching, scholarly, and creative work.

Sponsorship and Funding:

Office of the Provost and Information Systems


Reynolda Campus and Wake Downtown Faculty


Completed proposals should be submitted by Friday, February 9, 2018. Recipients will be notified Friday, March 2, 2018.


The Committee on Information Technology (CIT), in combination with Information Systems will evaluate proposals.

Examples of technology explored with prior grants include iPads or other tablets and associated apps, Chromebooks, Kindles and other eReaders, WFU DEAC Cluster use for data mining, incorporation of Google Sketchup, and lecture capture and live streaming systems.  The University owns licenses for video collaboration software and has nearly 25 new next‐generation video conference rooms.

Such technologies are encouraged as part of the proposals, however, use and development of other technologies, including but not limited to, Virtual Reality, also known as immersive multimedia or computer simulated life (Oculus), 3D printing, Innovative Human Interface Devices (Makey-Makey, Thalmic Myo, Leap Motion USB), Imaging (GoPro and Lytro), Aerial tools (drones), augmented reality (Star Chart) and Wearables (Apple Watches, Fitbit) are also welcomed.

A summer stipend up to $2,500 for faculty on 9-month contracts or professional development funds up to $1,000 for faculty on 12-month contracts. Up to $1,000 can be requested for other necessary and justifiable expenses. Some examples could be, but are not limited to, hardware, software, training classes, and consulting.

Proposal Criteria:

  • Identify an academic problem or goal, and explain why you think this technology might help address the problem.
  • Link the technology choices to the enhancement of teaching or of scholarly or creative work.
  • Describe what you believe success would look like and how you will assess the project.
  • List technology support staff as well as their responsibilities.
  • Make efficient use of already available resources (if applicable).
  • Demonstrate the possibility to extend findings to other academic applications in the University (if applicable).

As a grantee, you agree to:

  • Collaborate with a technical expert. This could be an individual from the Instructional Technology Group (ITG), Information Systems, ZSR Library, etc. We also welcome collaborative efforts among faculty.
  • Attend several meetings with other grant recipients throughout the summer and during the fall semester to share findings and explore pedagogical and scholarly challenges. A schedule of meetings will be arranged among participants in the summer and fall.
  • Report back (in any format, including written, video, or creative technology-enhanced format), on the exploration and assessment of technology. The report should be sent to by January 2019. If the project is not completed by then, provide an interim report on this date. The full report can be submitted when the project is completed.The report should address the question: Does this technology enhance teaching, learning, scholarly, or creative work? Include method of assessment, an outline of expected applications, and any anticipated challenges with scaling up or sustaining this use.
  • Present at TechXploration in the following academic year (2018-2019).


Grant recipients are also encouraged to share lessons learned with other faculty by mentoring other faculty member wishing to use the same strategy, offering training classes, or writing educational materials for use by others.

For additional questions please email

Start 2018 STEP Application

Once completed, applications should be submitted via the T-Cart Grant Submission Form by February 9, 2018.

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