Ellucian’s Banner is a comprehensive application suite for the higher education community. Banner at Wake Forest University consists of Internet-native software applications for student information, financial aid, student records, and student accounts.

Banner 9 Upgrade

Ellucian is in the process of upgrading the Banner 8 INB user interface to Banner 9 Admin. With any system upgrade, we know that people often grow concerned over what will change, and our team has been working over the past few months to understand and anticipate those changes. We will be reaching out to campus offices to coordinate testing and training as we work to complete this upgrade. We are targeting completion for December 2018. We recommend you begin getting acquainted with Banner 9 Admin in Pre-Production now.

Refer to the Banner 8 INB to Banner 9 Admin Transition Help Article for more information

Internet Native Banner (INB)

This is the Banner environment which is accessed from an internet browser. There are two instances of INB:

  • Banner Production (BANPROD) – Where all live, real-time data is kept.
  • Banner Pre-Production (BANPPRD) – Where all testing occurs.

Self Service Banner (SSB)

The environment that allows access to Banner information for students, faculty, and staff, and is accessed through WIN.

Supported Browsers

Google Chrome is the recommended browser for Banner 9. Banner 8 users must use Internet Explorer on Windows or in a virtual machine on Mac. 

Database Refresh Schedule

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Last modified: November 28, 2018