Wake Forest University

New Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Limits Effective June 15

Over the past year, as we have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has become the preferred video conferencing solution for many members of our campus community. Thank you to all who responded to our request to help reduce our campus’ Zoom Cloud Storage. To ensure we stay within our limits in the future, we will be phasing in the automatic deletion of Zoom Cloud recordings that are 180 days or older.

Beginning Tuesday, June 15th, any video recorded on or before December 17th, 2020 will be moved to your Zoom trash. Items in your trash will remain accessible for 30 days. As this occurs each subsequent day will impact additional recordings, as the 180-day window shifts forward. For example, on June 15th, the automatic deletion of videos 180 days or older from Zoom Cloud will begin, impacting videos recorded on or before December 17, 2020. On June 16th, videos recorded on or before December 18, 2020, will be impacted, and so on.  On July 15th, the videos in your Zoom cloud trash from or before December 17th will be permanently deleted. Zoom will send automated notifications to users seven days prior to permanent deletion.

You are encouraged to evaluate your videos on the Zoom Cloud and to delete or store videos as appropriate. There are a variety of options available for long-term storage, including Google Drive and Kaltura. The help articles below can help you navigate this process. 

The 180 day limit ensures our faculty colleagues can maintain class recordings through the entirety of a semester. As a reminder, class recordings which include student images should only be available for viewing by students currently enrolled in the class (reference the Class Recording Notice for additional information). Faculty wishing to save class recordings for future usage should enable their Zoom Cloud recordings to only record the highlighted speaker.  Reference this help article for more information.