New Zoom and Webex Updates – Action Required for scheduled Zoom meetings

Alerts | Announcements | May 20, 2020 at 8:36 am

On Thursday, May 21, 2020, Information Systems will be pushing a number of updates to Zoom and Webex to better align with best practices, including requiring meeting passwords, eliminating toll-free numbers, and limiting ways to sign in to Zoom. 

Requiring Meeting Passwords. Beginning Thursday, passwords will be required for all Webex and Zoom meetings. Webex already requires meeting passwords, however, this change will make participants who join by phone enter a password. Webex meetings scheduled prior to the addition of phone passwords are not affected.  

If you have not set a meeting password for meetings you already have scheduled in Zoom, you will need to edit the meeting to ensure there is a password and update calendar invitations. All meetings without set passwords will prevent participants from joining.

Zoom automatically embeds passwords in the meeting URL to ensure participants with the Join link are easily able to join the meeting with one-click. 

You can check if your upcoming meetings have a password and take action if necessary.  

  1. Visit the Zoom Portal,, and select Sign in. 
  2. Under Upcoming Meetings, you will see a red circled exclamation point which denotes meetings with no password. 
  3. You can select the meeting under “Topic” to view details and edit the meeting to require a password. 

If you scheduled your meetings within Canvas, your meetings will update in accordance with what you set within the WFU Zoom Portal. 

If you use the Chrome Extension, Zoom Scheduler, you will need to change the extension settings as well as edit your meetings through the calendar invitation to ensure your guests have the updated Join link containing the password. 

  1. Navigate to your Zoom Scheduler icon in the top right corner of your Chrome window.
  2. Select the gear icon. 
  3. Check the “Require meeting password.”
  4. Save your Changes.

Zoom Scheduler Screenshot highlighting the require meeting password field

To update calendar invitations:

  1. Open an existing Google Calendar scheduled Zoom Meeting to edit.
  2. Click on the trash can icon next to the Zoom Meeting button.
  3. Click “Make it a Zoom Meeting”.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Choose “This and following events”, if prompted.
  6. Click “Do not send”.

screenshot of icon to delete zoom meeting in google calendar invite.

You can verify your meeting is password protected and one-click join is enabled by making sure there is a “?pwd=” in the join URL.

Eliminating 1-800 numbers. For all future meetings, there will no longer be a 1-800 toll-free phone number option for users to call to join the meeting. Phone numbers will still be available for users to call to join meetings. 

Limiting Zoom sign in options to Google and SSO. Users will no longer be able to log in with Facebook accounts or through with a email address and password. Wake Forest users will need to select “Sign in with SSO” or “Sign in with Google” or log in through and select “Sign In,” which will prompt you through Google Single Sign-On (SSO). 

Additionally, Zoom has released its newest Client version 5.0 which includes additional security features, including encryption. Zoom will prompt users who have not already updated to this version on May 30th.

If you have questions concerning this message or need assistance, please contact the Information Systems Service Desk at or 336-758-4357 (HELP).







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