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 New Google Privacy Controls Available

Google is updating their privacy control settings for users. Beginning June 14, 2022, a new Google Workspace Search History setting will appear on your My Activity page that will store search data from Workspace core services, like Gmail and Drive, and Web & App Activity will be updated to only store data from additional Google services, like Maps.

Enabling the Search History functionality will provide users a more personalized Workspace experience, with faster and more relevant email/file searches and app/content recommendations. Users will be able to manage and delete their search history by following the steps outlined in this Google Support Article. 

This new Search History setting will match users’ current Web & App Activity setting, which, if enabled, allows Google to track and save activity and associated information within your Google account, such as language, IP address, app usage, and site search history. If you have this setting enabled, the new Search History setting will be automatically enabled.