Wake Forest University

Magic Week and Beyond: Summer Infrastructure Updates

As graduation buzz subsides, IS has scheduled strategic outage infrastructure updates from May to August. Kicking off with ‘Magic Week’, a working block set from mid-may to Memorial Day Weekend, we’ve planned maintenance and evaluations to occur throughout the summer. Timing is optimal, as fewer community members will be affected by potential disruptions in service. Our first update occurred on May 17, setting the foundation for the subsequent optimizations. 

Our infrastructure team targets a six year refresh cycle for equipment supporting our network and the architecture through which it is organized. These refresh efforts are distributed so that every year, a different aspect or area is refreshed for continuous improvement. Earlier updates in our campus fiber paved the way for these exciting summer network optimizations. 

Our network acts as a series of information “highways” and this summer’s planned work will expand the highway lanes by a factor of ten. With new equipment and subsequent network improvements, our campus will benefit from a more modern network that is more reliable, more resilient, and designed with our future in mind.