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  • Winston 001
    The renovation of Winston Hall 001 created a world-class combination lecture/laboratory teaching space for microscopy education from an outdated faculty research laboratory. A departmental space study determined that dedicated microscopy teaching space was an urgent need.
  • Math & Stats Center
    Wake Forest University’s peer-to-peer Mathematics and Statistics tutoring space moved this student-facing group from the third floor of Manchester Hall to the first floor of Kirby Hall, a major artery of student traffic.
  • Tribble A4
    The renovation of Tribble Hall A4 created space to move, work and learn. Before the renovation, this space was an underused, unloved basement classroom, one of just two rooms managed by WFU Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.
  • Manchester 241
    Manchester 241, a classroom managed by the Department of Computer Science, lived a long life as a narrow and tiered learning space. In 2018-19, the department partnered with the Learning Spaces Committee to design a more active and flexible teaching and learning space by first removing tiers and fixed furniture. Demolition also eliminated a large A/V rack, freeing up precious floor space.