Explore Learning Spaces at
Wake Forest University

Space matters. Research demonstrates a clear relationship between the design of learning spaces and student behavior and learning.

At Wake Forest University, we aspire to excellence in teaching, discovery, and faculty-student engagement. Our Learning Spaces Committee and this Learning Spaces website are here as a faculty resource for dreaming, collaboration, and planning student-centered learning spaces. We’re here for inspiration, learning, and guidance.

Let’s work together to make better learning spaces a reality for you and your students.

If you are thinking of proposing a classroom renovation, or have your eye on a space to help your faculty teach and your students learn, please use this website as inspiration. Want more information? We’re here for that, too. Contact us to get things started.

“Planning, design, and support of learning spaces is a collaborative and communal undertaking between instructors, learners, administrators, technologists, facilities personnel, and planners.”

Brown et al.,  2017. Learning Spaces Rating System, V2.  Educause Learning Initiative