Wake Forest University

Introducing Microsoft Surface Devices to Campus

Microsoft Surfaces are on the way! After campus feedback prompted for more diverse computing options, Surface was selected as the 2022 Windows vendor because of their distinctive product lineup. 

Our community will soon have the opportunity to work with specifically selected Surface and Apple computers. For students and their personal use, this will take place through WakeWare, the Student Laptop Program. Faculty and staff eligible for exchange this year have the opportunity to select a Surface in addition to the established Lenovo and Apple options as their primary computer. 

The Surface Laptop 4 will become a standard option and Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio will be available for departmental upcharge. 

Students will have the opportunity to purchase soon – and will be available for purchase soon. Learn more at WakeWare.wfu.edu

Want to dive deeper in all things Surfaces? Watch the review of the new Surface options with our TechX 2022 presentation and learn more about the surfaces through Microsoft’s Surface website.