Wake Forest University

Recent Phishing Scam Imitating WFU Payroll

Beware of phishing notifications presumably coming from WFU payroll. Be sure to scrutinize message content, as well as the source, before responding to the sender or interacting with embedded links and/or attachments. This particular phishing scheme prompts users, who click the “Review Payroll” button, to download a malicious software package.

As a reminder, all WFU official Payroll statements can be found in WIN (prior to 7/1/18) or Workday.

Below are two screenshots showing how this particular phishing scam may appear.

screenshot of phishing email reading "Hello NAME, Kindly review Wake Forest University statement" with "Review Payroll" button.
Screenshot of phishing message. Be mindful of odd grammar and formatting. 
screenshot reading sender URL is something @ .com
Screenshot shows what recipients would see if they clicked the drop-down arrow next to the alias, revealing the sender information. Note there is no affiliation with WFU.

If you are unsure about the content or validity of a text or email, do not respond to it. Forward any suspicious texts or emails to the Information Systems Security Team at infosec@wfu.edu for further analysis and then delete the message.