Wake Forest University

Phone Scam Claiming to be NC Police

There have been a handful of instances where members from our Wake Forest community have been contacted by someone claiming to be from a North Carolina Sheriff’s office. These bad actors have, in some cases, cited individual’s correct addresses, and listed a number of offenses with fraudulent citation numbers trying to collect fines by instructing them to go to a bank and get cash or go to a retailer to secure an electronic payment and pay the Sheriff’s Office directly. These bad actors threatened that they would be arrested if they did not comply and told them they were under a suppression order and were not allowed to talk to anyone about this. 

This scam, known as vishing, or phone/voice phishing, commonly includes criminals claiming to represent a trusted institution, company, or government agency to trick people into giving money or providing personal information. 

Protect yourself from these fradulent attacks. Verify that information is coming directly from a reputable vendor by looking up the company’s phone number. 

Contact Wake Forest University Police Department (WFUPD) at 336-758-5591 if you have encountered the scam. If you have questions concerning this message or need assistance, please contact the Information Systems Security Team at infosec@wfu.edu.