Wake Forest University

Improving connectivity at Deacon Place for an enhanced student experience

Wake Forest purchased Deacon Place in late 2018 to meet the demand for additional on-campus housing. As part of the purchase, the building’s cable tv and internet services were maintained with Time Warner / Spectrum. This fall, when Deacon Place was fully occupied with 327 students who were taking around half of their classes online, we quickly realized that Spectrum WiFi was no longer sufficient for our increased students’ needs.

While students were away over winter break we worked to re-engineer the entire network at Deacon Place. Now Deacon Place students are returning for spring semester to a network experience that is equivalent to the rest of the other residence halls. Spectrum services have been disabled and students have better wireless coverage in each apartment, dedicated internet bandwidth, and secure access to all on-campus resources.

Heater mounted on the wall in a networking closet
Interesting fact! Each outdoor closet will have its own heater and AC unit to keep all the equipment’s temperature at the right number, since it is outside.