When to use WebEx Event Center

Event Center allows the user to hold presentations, press releases or alumni events to anyone, on any platform.  Share audio, video, and files at online events for journalists, prospects, and alumni.

Best used for holding live and/or on-demand media events.

  • Use multiple presenters and panelists in different locations – on or off campus
  • Record, edit, and play back your events on-demand
  • Stream audio to listen-only participants
  • Plan and Promote
    Automated email management with personalized templates.  Send out invites, confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups automatically.
  • Custom Registration Questions
    Capture registrant information and assign answer-based lead scores so you can promote your touch points.
    Make the most of every opportunity to connect with your audiance.
    Make promo materials, such as documents, PDFs, and video, available at registration and through pre- and post-event communications.
  • Registration Management with Attendance Control
    Save time and ensure a smooth registration experience.  Automate registrant approval and customize the filters.
  • Multi-Event Program Creation and Management    
    Manage your event series by grouping events easily into one program for future or repeat events.
  • Remote Panelists and Panelist Prep Room  
    Feature multiple remote speakers from anywhere.  Provide private practice rooms.
  • Engaging Multimedia Content
    Deliver presentations using Adobe Flash, 3D objects, streaming video, and PowerPoint with animations and transitions.  Show preloaded content while attendees wait for your event.
  • Integrated Telephony with Active Talker
    Choose from toll or toll-free global teleconference, two-way VoIP, and audio broadcast. See who’s speaking using an on-screen flashing indicator.
  • Real-Time Document, Application, and Desktop Sharing
    Share documents, demo software, and show ideas on a whiteboard
  • Q&A, Chat, Polling, Attendance, and Annotation Tools
    Engage in Q&A privately, or with all attendees. Chat with panelists or attendees during the event. Hold audience interest with polling, chat, and annotation. Track attendee interest using the attention indicator tool.
  • Follow Up and Cultivate
    Direct attendees to a followup or information URL, or to access event recordings.
    Send post-event surveys and follow-up emails.
    Automatically send followup emails to registrants and attendees with links to recordings and surveys.
  • Custom and Standard Reports  
    See registration and attendance, and use out-of-the-box reports, or tailor reports to your needs.
    Lead source tracking and measurement so you can identify your most effective sources for future event registration.
    View survey data in one secure location.

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Last modified: February 28, 2017