WebEx Support FAQ and Links

How many people can I invite to a WebEx?

Students may invite up to 8 people, while staff and faculty may invite up to 1000 participants. If you believe that you will need a higher capacity for a meeting, please send an email to help@wfu.edu.

Can I invite non-WFU users to participate in a WebEx meeting?

Yes. Anyone with the link or meeting number and password may attend a WebEx Meeting or Event.

I am having trouble with the automatic setup installation. Is there a manual installation process I can follow?

Yes. Please read “How to Setup WebEx Components Manually

How do I record a meeting?

You must be a host or presenter to record a meeting. You will know if the feature is available to you if the “Record” button is available to you in the WebEx. Click Record and it will begin to record everything from your perspective. Your recording will automatically be stored under “My Recordings” on wfu.webex.edu.

How much storage space do I have for my recorded meetings?

By default you are given up to 614 MB of space. This is approximately 3 hours of video duration.

Where can I find my recorded meetings?

Log into wfu.webex.edu and click “My Meetings” under “Host a Meeting” on the left-hand navigation.

How do I sign up for an account?

All faculty, staff and students at WFU are licensed to use WebEx. To activate your account, log into wfu.webex.edu using your WFU credentials. If you are unable to log in, submit a ticket to the Service Desk.

Can I share my screen using WebEx?

Yes, if you are the Host or a Presenter, you have the option to share your desktop, a file or an application with all attendees.

Can I use WebEx from home?

Yes, you may access WebEx from your home Internet connection. You may experience some loss of quality or other issues depending on the speed of the connection.

Can I transfer hosting of a WebEx meeting?

Yes. Please read these instructions.

How do I join a meeting?

Click on the link you received in your email, or sign onto wfu.webex.edu and enter the Meeting Number. You may or may not be prompted to enter a password.

Should I use a wireless or Ethernet connection when participating in a WebEx?

It depends on the size of your meeting and the number of participants using a single network. Typically, if it is a small conference, wireless will work fine. Otherwise, Ethernet may be a better option.

Can I annotate in WebEx from a Wacom, tablet or other device?

Yes. If you are sharing your screen, you may show the application or screen you are using to annotate with your tablet or device. You may also annotate using the Whiteboard feature on WebEx.

Can I host a meeting from a mobile device?


Are there limitations on how often I use or schedule a WebEx?

No, our license allows users to schedule and use as many WebEx Meetings as they would like.

What smart phones and tablets are supported by the WebEx application?

Check here for latest mobile device updates, downloads, features and FAQs.

My Recordings storage is running out. Can I delete, edit or download recordings? How do I export recordings from WebEx?

Yes, you can delete, edit and download recordings. Here are instructions for converting your exported WebEx recording to .WMV

Are there limitations to using WebEx on a mobile device?

Please check Cisco for latest information on WebEx mobile device support here.


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Last modified: June 27, 2017