“WannaCry” Ransomware

WannaCry is a ransomware exploit targeting the Microsoft Windows operating system. On Friday, May 12, 2017, a large cyber-attack was launched, infecting more than 230,000 computers in over 100 countries, demanding ransom payments in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

WannaCry encrypts the user’s hard drive without permission, effectively locking out a user from accessing their data. A ransom of approximately $300 is required to “unlock” the data – beware, if you fall victim to this attack DO NOT pay the ransom. Contact the Service Desk immediately for further guidance.

WannaCry is spread primarily through phishing emails, however it also exploits a vulnerability in outdated, un-patched version of Microsoft Windows. Refer to the Security Essentials page to learn more about protecting yourself from phishing emails.

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Last modified: May 15, 2017