Cisco Unity Voicemail Commands

Below is a list of commands for the Cisco Unity Voicemail system. A complete List of commands is available a PDF attached below, at the bottom of the article.

Log On: Dial x4400, enter your PIN followed by #.

Log Off: Press * and then hang up.

Play Messages: Log on, press 1 to listen to new messages, press 31 to listen to saved messages.

Delete Message: Press 3 to delete a message.

Record Greeting: Log on, press 41, press 3 to choose which greeting to update and follow the prompts.

Record Spoken Name: Log on, press 432 and follow the prompts.

Compose Message: Log on, press 2, record message, press #, enter recipient mailbox number, press # twice to send message.

Forward Message: Log on, listen to message, press 5, record introduction, press #, enter recipient’s mailbox number, and press # twice to send.

Reply to Message: Log on, listen to message, press 4, record your reply, and press # twice.

Call Sender: Log on, listen to message, press 44.

Select Full or Brief Messages: Log on, press 423, and follow prompts.

Switch to Voice Commands: Log on, press 9, and follow prompts.

Change Password: Log on, press 431, and follow the prompts.

Express Message: Dial # + 4-digit Extension (e.g. #1234) to leave an express message to an on-campus extension.

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Last modified: July 1, 2019