Uninstall SpiderOak

SpiderOak will be decommissioned on June 30, 2017 – all data must be restored to the user’s computer or it will be deleted.

Ensure that you have downloaded your data from SpiderOak before uninstalling the program

Follow these steps to uninstall SpiderOak:


In the search bar, search for “change or remove a program”

Click on “Change or remove a program” to open Control Panel.  Scroll to find SpiderOak Groups and click on it

At the top of the window, click on “Uninstall”

When the confirmation dialogue appears, click on “Yes”

A progress dialogue will appear

You will be reminded to reboot your computer when done, click OK

You may get a security warning from Windows, click OK.  When complete, reboot Windows

SpiderOak is removed



The following guide will show how to uninstall SpiderOak Groups from an Apple Mac.  The macOS used for this document is macOS Sierra Version 10.12.3.  The instructions should be very close on all versions of macOS.

First quit the SpiderOakGroups process.  Open Activity Monitor using Spotlight Search

Once the Activity Monitor is open, scroll until you find SpiderOakGroups

Double click on the SpiderOakGroup line and click on Quit

Click on Quit again to kill the SpiderOakGroups process

Open Finder. Once open click on Applications and scroll until you find SpiderOakGroups.  Single click on SpiderOakGroups

Right click (control click) on SpiderOakGroups and select Move to Trash. Enter your password to delete

SpiderOak is removed

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Last modified: May 10, 2017