Transferring Ownership

Transferring ownership of Docs outside the domain

“If you’re using Google Docs with a Google Apps account, you can’t make someone outside of your domain the owner of your doc. You also can’t transfer ownership of items that you’ve uploaded to a person outside of your domain.”

The user can share the doc with the address outside the domain and then under the non-WFU account the user can make copies of the docs by opening the document in question: File -> Make a copy (revision history will not transfer to the copy). An alternative is to export the files and import them in the non-WFU account. Please see this article from Google.

Transferring ownership of Docs inside the domain

  1. Open the doc that you don’t want to own anymore.
  2. Click Share in the top-right corner.
  3. If the new owner already has access to the doc, skip to Step 4. Otherwise, follow these steps before moving on to step 4:
  4. Click the white space below ‘Add people.’
  5. Type the email address of the new owner.
  6. Click Share & save.
  7. Click the drop-down to the right of the new owner’s name; choose ‘Is owner.’
  8. Click Share & save.

Note: the Operations team can transfer ownership of all the documents from one user to another within the domain. The original owner of the document will still be able to access the documents as he/she will be provided edit access to the documents. The Operations team cannot transfer ownership on only selected documents. It is either all docs or none at all.

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Last modified: June 1, 2017