Setting up Speed Dial on your Cisco Video Phone

Follow these steps to add Speed Dial contacts to your phone screen

  1. Log in at using your regular WFU credentials
  2. Find your video phone under the “My Phones” section
  3. Click the Gear icon and select Settings
  4. Add the phone number, label (this will show up on the phone screen), and speed dial number of your choosing
  5. Click Save and repeat for additional contacts
You can store/program up to 199 speed dials via the Cisco Web Portal, with first 4 speed dials appearing on your phone below your main number. After the available speed dial buttons on the phone are used up the remaining programmed speed dials can be accessed by using the following steps below.

Using Speed Dial on your Cisco phone

  1. Pickup handset and press Abbr dial or Speed dial softkey (depending on your phone model)
  2. Enter the speed dial # (number assigned to speed dial)
  3. Press Abbr dial or Speed dial softkey again to make the call

For example, to access speed dial #5, you would pickup the handset, press Abbr dial or Speed dial softkey, press “5” then press Abbr dial or Speed dial softkey again to place the call.

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Last modified: February 5, 2019