Restore data from SpiderOak

Please follow these instructions for restoring data from SpiderOak. SpiderOak will be decommissioned on June 30, 2017 – all data must be restored to the user’s computer or it will be deleted. 

SpiderOak will be replaced by CrashPlan – available to Faculty and Staff.

All data must be restored to a location within the “Users” folder (Desktop, Downloads, Documents, etc) on a primary WFU-issued computer – CrashPlan will then back up this data.

Instructions for restoring data

On a Windows machine, click on the SpiderOak Blue system tray icon in the bottom right of your desktop.

On a Mac, select the SpiderOak icon across the top status bar and click Show.

The SpiderOak Blue console will open for the device

Select the View/Manage (depending on your SpiderOak version) tab at the top

Use the slider in the Devices pane to select the device box you would like to work with.

Select the files and/or folders that need to be restored.

  • If the majority of your backed up files still remain on your primary WFU-issued computer, you may only need to restore files out of the “Deleted Items” folder in SpiderOak
  • If restoring from an old computer you no longer use, you must download all of the data from that device.
  • Make sure you download data to a folder within the “Users” folder (Desktop, Downloads, Documents, etc) on your primary WFU-issued computer so CrashPlan will back up that data.

Once you have selected a file or folder to download, click the download button at the top.

A dialogue will open showing you two options for the restore. You may restore the file to the “Downloads” folder by selecting the top radio button and clicking OK.  (You will need to move it to the location you want the file to reside if different.)

Or you can restore it to the original path that it was deleted from by selecting the bottom radio button and clicking OK.

A dialogue box will pop up showing you the status of the restore.  It will indicate when it is finished.

Repeat this process for any needed files or folders. Remember that data stored in SpiderOak will not be available after June 30, 2017. 

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