Installing a personal wireless printer

These instructions are specifically for an HP DeskJet 2540 All-In-One printer that is being used in a Windows environment. Instructions for other types of printers may vary.

Printers from other manufacturers may be used. However, this is one of the few wireless printers that has been tested by the Service Desk at this time. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this page, please email

First you will need to go to the MyDevices page. Follow the instructions on this page in order to register your device. You will need the Mac address of your device to do this. (Please see the printer’s manufacturer page for instructions on how to find the Mac address for your particular printer.)

We have found that it is best if you install the complete suite of software for the printer and not just the driver for the printer. The software will install a “Utilities” option that is very helpful for the wireless installation.

You will need to connect your laptop to the printer using a USB cable to do this. Should the instructions ask if you want to connect to wireless, choose Yes. The software will search to discover any available wireless networks.

When you are asked to select your wireless network name (SSID), you must choose WFUmydevices from the list. (Printers can only be connected to WFUmydevices. Please do not connect them to WFUwireless.)

Test your printer to see if you are able to print. You can go to Programs > HP > HP DeskJet 2540 series. This will take you to the HP Printer Assistant. It may take a few minutes for the options to appear. This is where you can monitor your print jobs, see ink levels of the printer cartridges, reconnect your printer to wireless, etc.

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Last modified: March 7, 2017