Installing a network printer (Xerox and non-Xerox printers)


To install a network printer:

  1. Note your desired print server: \\xerox (Xerox Printers); \\Print (Non-Xerox Printers)
  2. From your Windows desktop, click start (Windows Start Bubble/Flag)
  3. Click Run
  4. Enter \\print or \\xerox into the text box that pops up and press enter
  5. Browse to and double click on the printer you would like to print to, i.e UCC-1004-XRX
  6. Note any messages that pop up and accept to install drivers if/when prompted.

Current network print servers:

  •   \\print
  •   \\xerox


To install a network printer on Mac OSX:

  1. Click the Apple Icon in the top-left of the menu bar and select System Preferences
  2. Select Printers and Scanners
  3. Click the “+” button to add a new printer and select the IP tab
  4. In the address bar, enter, for example (
  5. Click Add – your Mac will download the print driver and automatically install the printer
  6. Click here if your department uses Accounting Codes for printing

**If you experience problems with this method of installation, please refer to the Alternate Method

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Last modified: February 28, 2017