How to Request Campus Space for a Summer Event

In order to accommodate the growing number of events occurring during the summer months, there is a new process to request the use of campus space for events taking place between 5/22/2018 – 8/17/2018.

For events which take place during this time, you must use the request form titled “Summer Space Request”. This request form has all spaces which are available during the summer months and includes additional questions related to summer events. Requests submitted using other forms will be given a status of “Not Approved”.You will be directed to submit your request via the Summer Space Request form.

We encourage everyone to submit their summer space requests before 3/14/2018.

Once you submit a request in DeaconSpace for a summer event, your request will be put in a “Summer Wait” status. This status allows multiple requests for the same space. This will allow the Summer Space Allocation Team to process all summer requests, while considering everyone’s the first choice of space for their event.

After 3/14/2018, the Summer Space Allocation Team will review all summer space requests and summer activities including capital projects, Facilities & Campus Services work, and IS technology upgrades. This will ensure that each summer event/camp will have the best and most appropriate space possible. Notifications will be made to requesters by 4/2/2018. You will have an opportunity to appeal the space decision between 4/2/2018 – 4/16/2018.

Please note that academic class scheduling remains the University’s first priority in the summer just as it is in fall and spring. Academic classes will be entered before all other summer events, activities, camps and conferences are confirmed. In the event that a class is rescheduled or relocated after any other non-class activities have been scheduled, the non-class activity will have a status of “academic bumped” and will be relocated to accommodate the needs of the class.

Tips for using the Summer Space Request form in DeaconSpace:

  • Group – choose the relevant group (ex: your WFU department or student group for events related to your department or student group; faculty/staff personal for events that are not work-related).
  • Event Name – indicate the name of the camp, conference or event
  • Attach a schedule of daily activities for the camp/event before you submit your request in DeaconSpace

We appreciate your willingness to work with us to ensure everyone has the best possible space for their events during the summer months. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email

-The DeaconSpace Team

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