Gmail Alias Account Setup

Use these instructions to setup the option to send from your Alias email address in your WFU Google Mail account. If you do not already have an WFU Alias created, you must first request one from the WFU IS Service Desk.

You can enter in your request through ResolveIT.


Add Alias Account

(In your WFU Google Mail account)

  1. Click on the gear  in the top right and choose Settings.

  1. Under Accounts, click the Add another email address you own link.

  1. In the Name field, enter a display name and your WFU Alias email address in the Email Address field. Then click Next Step>>.

  1. You will then receive a Verify your email address message- click the Send Verification button.

  1. A message will appear telling you to check for the verification email. Since this is an alias that is setup to send directly to your WFU Google Mail account, Close window and click on Inbox  on the left-hand side of the WFU Google Mail screen.

  1. In your WFU Google Mail account, check for the verification email from Wake Forest University Team. In the middle of the email, click on the verification link. You will then receive a pop-up showing that the alias has been verified.

  1. Once you are back in your WFU Google Mail account, make sure the verification is registered by refreshing Gmail- Ctrl+R or F5.

Send Email From Alias

(In your WFU Google Mail account)


Now to send an email from the alias, click on Compose. A new From field will be present, click on the arrow, it will list the different options of email address to send from (your WFU Google Mail or the Alias account).

Your stays the defaul mail account within your WFU Google Mail, you will have to choose the Alias each time you want to reply or send new email from the Alias.

If you have any questions about this process, please call the Service Desk at 336.758.4357, email, or submit a request through ResolveIT.

Need Help?

Contact our Service Desk - conveniently located in the ZSR Library.

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Last modified: June 8, 2017